Coach Tyree is a great coach. My son liked him right away and learned the basics which has already increased his confidence. Coach assess his skills and adjusts his practice plan accordingly, we are very happy with the training.
I was always an athletic girl growing up. I was into skateboarding, BMX bikes, boogie boards, snow boarding, and skiing, to name a few of my hobbies.So when I decided to try out for the J.V. Girls Basketball team at my high school, I figured it was just another challenge to conquer. How wrong I was! I didn't realize how much physical skill it took to play basketball. My athletic ability did not help me at all, except with the running. I couldn't shoot. I couldn't dribble. I couldn't play defense. I just couldn't play! So I quit the team...... I began working with Coach Burnett at the beginning of summer, after me sophomore year. After working with Coach Burnett for the entire summer, not only did I make my J.V. team, but I started. I also got moved up to Varsity for the playoffs but injury prevented me from playing in the playoffs. During the summer, after my junior year I played in a girls inner city league in L.A. where I started and helped our team win the league championship. Another injury kept me from playing my senior year, which was a real bummer, and I will also miss playing my first year of college. Fortunately, the lessons I leaned from Coach Burnett are helping me get through these tough times (F.I.R.E).
After a disappointing experience with football, my high school son had lost his confidence when it came to sports. He had lost his passion, he had lost his F.I.R.E. But since working with a Coach Burnett, his confidence is back. He has found his passion again and his F.I.R.E. is bright. Because of this, the progress he has made, as far as his overall skill is concerned, is nothing short of amazing.
To be honest, I was a little skeptical about coach Tyree's methods when it came to the meditation aspect of his training. I thought my 13 year old son Ryan was a little to antsy to sit quietly for 15 minutes. However I was shocked and amazed that he got my son to sit and meditate before each session. Not only that, my son now meditates before each game and has gotten some of his teammates to participate also. The result is that my son skill set has improven dramatically in practice and in games. He is now a starter and I have no doubt that the coaching that he recieved from Coach Tyree was the key factor to make this possible. We will be using Coach Tyree again this summer again. 
Great coaching staff! The clinics are awesome! My daughter's progress is amazing!
My son has been working with Hoops101myway for alomost a year. Not only is his skill set up, but his overall confidence in EVERTHING has changed. He is doing better in school and was a starter on his 8th grade team after not making the team the previous year. Both my son and I are grateful for the opportunity to work with Coach Tyree and his staff and we will continue to do so.
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